Professionally implemented installation of builder’s joinery of great quality is, next to development and production, of crucial importance for proper functioning and long life span of your new windows, doors and other construction elements.
Construction Elements - Kovinoplastika Lož pays special attention to installation, as we wish to fulfill your needs and requests as well as to meet the various technical, environmental and energetic standards. During the implementation we protect the working site, access and other propriety of the buyer. Construction materials of the best quality, rich experience and constant training of our contractors provide the guarantee for a well implemented service.

We agree with the customer on the type of installation already when we make an offer. We have several services available:

Disassembly and removal of used elements

We implement the disassembly with minimal damage on the rough coating and other wall paneling and without any damage on the furniture, flooring and the surroundings. We take the disassembled parts to the disposal facility and also sort them according to the type of waste.

Installation without additional works

This is a basic procedure of installation, where we install the builder’s joinery in the prepared orifice and seal the slots between the elements and the wall. We usually provide installation without additional works for new constructions, but it is also possible for existing buildings where you need to replace the old elements with new ones. In this case the customer organizes the disassembly and removal of used elements by himself.

Installation according to RAL guidelines

This means additional closing of the crack between builder’s joinery and the wall with vapor-permeable foils or bands and with sealing agents adapted to other needs. This way we assure the protection of sealing foam or band against the irruption of humidity, from exterior as well as from interior. The crack between elements and the wall therefore provides optimal conditions (minimal temperature changes, dry sealing agent) and improves the isolation of the processed area. This type of construction is recommended according to environmental and energetic standards.

Processing of walls next to elements (so-called reveals)

We offer sanitation of small damage and abrasions on the roughcast with the use of plaster and other smoothing masses and more complex covering of reveals with plaster-cardboard plates on a suitable grid, finished with corners, basic layer of smoothing material and acrylic putty.

Installation of cap profiles

With the installation of cap profiles we close or protect the cracks filled with sealing material. Cap profiles are usually combined with simple sanitation of damage on the reveals. In the case of RAL guidelines installation, where the cracks are filled with permeable foil, we use the cap profiles for protection against mechanic damage.

Cap profiles of different shapes are also suitable for implementation of different bridges and special finishes between old (disassembled) and new elements, for non-standard details of installation or for installation of old elements that were not foreseen.

Installation of shades and window shelves

Installation is adapted to individual type of shades or window shelves from our sales program.