Roller blinds

Rollers blinds are the type of shades that enable protection against different weather conditions from the exterior side and also provide privacy.

With roller blinds you can completely obscure the room and at the same time provide for additional heat and sound insulation. They protect you against burglars and the integrated mosquito blind in the cabinet you are also protected against the annoying insects.

Rollers blinds are extremely resistant shades, which are very suitable for al new buildings and can also be installed on the existing windows and façades. For more comfortable handling we can install an electro motor that is navigated with a switch, remote control or a program clock. Next to their functionality roller blinds also have a decorative function. You can select between different colors and dimensions of lamellas.

Considering the shape of the cabinet you can choose among the following roller blinds:
  • roller blinds Ideal (pre-window roller blind with a cabinet under the angle of 45°),
  • concealed roller blinds (90 or 20° cabinet),
  • roller blinds in an oval cabinet ,
  • roller blinds in quarter-oval cabinet ,
  • Roller blinds in an above-window cabinet Multi-Rollbox.
You can choose among more affordable roller blinds with PVC lamellas or decide for roller blinds with aluminum lamellas filled with polyurethane foam.